Il Villaggio offers residents luxury living

South Beach is more than just weekend jaunts to nightclubs and jetsetting for the rich and famous, it’s also awash with fantastic luxury residences like IL Villaggio Condominium. Located in the heart of the beach at 1455 Ocean Drive, it’s the ultimate when it comes to location, location, location.


Jesse Carvajal, CAM and Community Association Manager at IL Villaggio for more than a decade and as such the longest running manager on South Beach, recently took time out of his busy schedule to elaborate on life at IL Villaggio.

Q: Give me some background information on Il Villaggio

A: We are a boutique condominium, and a luxury resort lifestyle residence.  We have 127 units and about a dozen are rentals during season and three or so year round.

Q: What makes the concierge services at Il Villaggio so spectacular?

A: Our staff is trained to provide a variety of services that are designed to enhance our residents’ lifestyle as they travel in and out of South Beach.  A perfect example would be our Departure & Arrival Services.  The concierges are trained to set up your home as well as shut it down as our resident come in and out for vacation.  We set the temperature, draw the curtains, throw out the kitchen and bathroom trash, order groceries, start your vehicle, and much more.
Q: Do the concierge services make this a more desirable place to live? Why?

A: A well-tuned Concierge service makes life easier and overall better.  Having someone relieve you of mundane tasks and enhancing your lifestyle through art, culture, and entertainment is priceless.  A good concierge can keep you connected on everything that is important to you.

Q: How have those services evolved since the condominium opened?

A: In the late 1990s there were limited concierge services and it was a bit more hotel-like in nature.  The concierge service today in a luxury high-rise has become a necessity of life and if you’re lucky to live in the right building, they will enhance your lifestyle.

Q: How do the services here compare to other luxury condos around Miami? What makes them unique?

A: I believe that each condominium is unique.  Our services are tailored to our residents’ needs and this is why we have been so successful.  While we keep our eyes open to what others do, our main focus is on being unique Villaggio and listening to our clients.

For information on available units at IL Villaggio call a CondoDomain expert at 1-877-852-6636.

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