Q&A with veteran Brickell realtor/resident Wanda Bee

Veteran Brickell area realtor and resident Wanda Bee has more than 25 years in the business and has this to say about the neighborhood she loves to much:

Q: What buildings are hot right now and selling well that are either pre-construction or already established with available units?

A: In reviewing the sales and pending transactions for condominiums on Brickell in the last 90 days it seems like Brickell on the River has been experiencing a lot of activity with 16 closed sales and 20  pending sales The Plaza  also has great activity with 14 closed sales and 21  pending transaction. Jade at Brickell has 16 pending and 6 closed sales.  The interesting factor of would be how many are short sales/foreclosures.

Q: I wrote about Capital at Brickell across from Brickell Irish Pub for CondoDomain, what can you tell me about that building and how you project it will sell? Are there units already being sold?

A: I am not that keen on pre-construction when there is still so much inventory  especially when you consider so many buildings that are on the South Miami Avenue corridor are full of rentals that will eventually come on the market for sale. Unless the building offers something very unusual or amazing I think pre-sales are challenging. Many people get caught when developers choose not to complete or cut corners and what they delivered was not what they had indicated or promised. For example, in their projected photos, brochures or finishes where the small print allowed them to change according to developers discretion

Brickell CitiCenter

Q: What buildings on the horizon are exciting realtors such as yourself about the area?

A: Most exciting new project is the new Swire Properties project Brickell Citicentre. I am so impressed  with the design and the fact they are only building a third of what they are entitled to build with the current zoning. They are being respectful of the need for green space and aesthetic  beauty versus  building every square inch possible. Greed has in the past ruled the day without regard to the needs of people for parks and open spaces. I think the Swire project has heart and soul.

I also like the Plaza  for several reasons. First, because it has an entrance on Brickell and Brickell Bay Drive and being able to get in and out and knowing traffic patterns is critically important. Having access to Brickell Bay Drive and exiting all the way down to  SE 14 St. or SE  15 Road is important. Also I like the open pool deck and the management.

Q: Give me your outlook on the Brickell condo market? Is it looking better in the next year or so?

A: I love living and selling on Brickell it is exciting and getting more so  every month with new services, restaurants and activities. It would be great to have a trolley or jitney service  where you could hop on or off. I definitely use the Metromover.

The condo market is strong with the older established buildings like Brickell East, Brickell Place and The Palace holding their values. We do have high levels of inventory and fortunately many people want to  live here and enjoy the fun.

Q: Give me some background on yourself and how long you’ve been a in the area?

A: I have lived on  Brickell since 1985 and seen may changes. I live  at Brickell East next to the Four Seasons and belong to Sports Club/LA.  I enjoy yoga, boxing  and Pilates. I also am a member of the Toastmasters organization.

I truly value the opportunity to go boating on Biscayne Bay traveling along the Brickell  wall, especially at night seeing the city come alive from dusk to night. Seeing all of the bright lights start to twinkle against the night sky, it really is a magic city from the water. And going up the river for dinner is also great. How fortunate we are to live in such beauty.

To learn about available units at any of the aforementioned buildings call Miami CondoDomain at 877-852-6636.

Photo Courtesy of Swire Properties

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