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Jade Residences at Brickell Bay offer great service and stellar view

Brickell Bay Drive may only stretch several blocks from 15th Road to the bridge to Brickell Key’s residences but the view along that road is unbeatable making Jade Residences at Brickell Bay the ultimate example of location, location, location.
And with a spot so beautiful and desirable come first-rate concierge services to match. Silvia E. Erro, community association manager (CAM) at Jade discussed those services with CondoDomain Miami.
Q: First off, some background on the building: When it was built, number of units and floor plans.
A: The Jade was built in 2004 …

Design District Furnishings ~ Your Condo Will Thank You

Whether you hire an interior designer or decorate on your own, the Design District is designer furniture and home accessories heaven!
Whether you live at Tower House or La Tour in Miami Beach, or in Miami somewhere gorgeous like Grovenor House, you’d be best advised to come see the finest home offerings from all over the world (to see one of these startlingly-beautiful condos, give a call to a Miami Condo Loft realtor at 888.852.6636). Just park your car and you can literally walk around in a comfortable distance to the …

Island Gardens

Island Gardens

Several years ago, I scouted a location for an early morning fashion shoot. I needed an incredibly scenic spot, a place with powerful city views as well as plenty of nature. In short, I needed a location that encapsulated the spirit of Miami. Where was this? It was on Watson Island – the site of what is supposed to be the future Island Gardens – home to luxury yachting, leisure, dining, retail, entertainment, residences, and a fine resort.

The development of Island Gardens began in 2001, with initial agreements being made …

The Plum Lifestyle

I simply don’t have an interest in most things on TV but there is one channel that I keep on for hours a day.  Whether I’m actively watching it or have it on for relaxing ambiance I always enjoy watching Plum TV. If you are a Miami Beach resident, then you have Plum TV (check your channel listings with your cable provider). Plum TV is an amazing and innovative concept. It features affluent programming mostly based on Miami Beach’s cultural offerings, local movers and shakers, upcoming arts, social, and fashion events, interviews with …

Luxury… Inside and Out – Top Miami Interior Designers

What good is a luxury home without the highest standard of design? Interior design and luxury condominiums go hand in hand. Here, a few to give you a head start:
—Leotta Designers, Inc.—
800 Brickell Avenue #602 Miami, FL 33131
—B Pila Design Studio—
2610 SW 28 Lane Miami, FL 33133
305.856.7916 or bea@bpiladesign.com
Bea has done work for clients who live in a myriad of hot spots including Continuum on South Beach and Oceania.
Continuum on South Beach: Elegant and spacious fine condos in the SoFi South of Fifth South Beach neighborhood with amenities like a world-class spa, a …

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